“Wherever the brokenness of sin touches, wherever fragmentation and alienation occurs, the mission of God looks like putting back together what evil has torn apart.”

Glenn Packiam

Physical injuries often require external intervention to facilitate healing. Washing a laceration to remove impurities, soothing a wound with the application of ointment, the surgical alignment of bones, (in more primitive settings) the application of fire to disinfect a wound, the use of modern laser “fires” to remove what is impaired–all of these procedures, though potentially painful, facilitate the healing process. Even if we think injuries “heal on their own, ” we neglect the fact that our immune systems are actively intervening to remove the infectious cells and stimulate new life where cells are broken.

Our own spiritual healing also requires an intervention. In the same way that my sin separates me from God, it also separates me from those around me, family, church, and community. Nothing I do in my own strength will undo what I have broken. Nothing in our own actions, attitudes, plans, or words can make up for the cost of what our sin inflicts on one-another. To come this far in our journey of lament and repentance and then try to “fix things” in our own power is to step right back into the place of pride, thwarting the healing God desires.

Thankfully we have a great Intervention freely available–the cleansing water, the refining fire, and the healing oil of the Holy Spirit. From our confession and repentance, let us submit to the work of the Holy Spirit’s healing to restore our relationship with Him and one another. And from this place of healing let the Spirit enliven us to be the healing balm in the lives of those around us.

Scripture Readings

  • Psalm 107:17-22
  • Matthew 20:29-34
  • Romans 8:18-26
  • James 5:13-16

Balm in Gilead

Come Pray with Me, Part 4

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