Come Pray with Me

In recent weeks, I’ve found myself very discouraged by the overall Christian response to these challenging days. I feel like the Enemy has released his armies, and we’ve been caught flat-footed, washed into the swell. I’m certainly not aware of all that’s happening in the Christian world, but I’d hoped to hear more urgent, unified calls to prayer. In my frustration and disappointment, I started to hear that small voice–“What about you?”

So I’ve screwed up the courage to ask you to pray with me on the Tuesdays mornings from now to the election. Please know that my desire is to pray no particular outcome other than “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.” 

While prayer is not the only thing, it should probably be the first thing. In a season where, for one reason or another, everyone seems to be shaking a fist in the air, our hands should be open in surrender and supplication. All of our thoughts and actions need to be laid on the altar of God’s holy purifying fire. In that refinement, we can then know healing, hope and a vision of God’s glory and his Kingdom.

I’ll be posting a reflection to guide our prayers each week here. I hope you’ll join me and invite others that might be interested. Here are the themes that will shape our prayers around our families, communities, nation, and the world:

I can’t say I have much of a following, but I do have a community. And so do you. Maybe, together, we can light some small fires in the darkness.

P.S. No virtual meetings planned. Join in prayer as you are able in your favorite way. Using the linked guides above, we can know the beauty of filling golden bowls with the incense of our prayers (Rev 5:8).

If you are joining us later in the series: Each prayer topic stands on its own, but I encourage you to meditate on and pray through the previous topics as well.