Duck Delicious

The air is cooler and the birds are starting to move. A couple of weeks ago, NB hunted his first teal season in Kansas with good success, about a dozen birds over 3 mornings of hunting. Blue-winged and green-winged teal are the first of the ducks to migrate through these parts to their winter home. They are smaller birds, sporting lovely cadet blue and emerald green feathers.

photo credit: Travis Kehler

We enjoyed our share of the bounty lightly coated and seared. Or as my Nana liked to say “fried them up in some butter.” For the breading, I added 1 T. chopped garlic, 2 T toasted sesame seeds with 1 c. bread crumbs and spun them in the food processor. It was quick and flavorful, and I used it again on some fish within the week.

These little breasts were simple, but stupendously good. NB said it was the best wild game meat he’d ever eaten which is high praise–not so much of the cook but the meat itself. I’m hoping we can keep wild teal on the menu every fall.

Photo credit Travis Kehler

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