I want to take nature’s colors with me, to capture each unique hue the way it emerges in the wild world. Yet the angle of light in my photos leave the color either flat and dull or distorted to unnatural beauty. Neither are the colors I see standing here.

For, in this place, I see color not simply with my eyes. It is, rather, alive in the five-fold fulness of my senses.

                Juniper berries mix with the cool breeze to a dusty indigo—

                Blue saged air flavors the manzanita to brilliant green—

                Dampened pine scents the spent wild rose to ruddy red—

                Quaking aspen ring their leaves to a golden flame—

No, these colors won’t come home with me, for no amount of color theory can impart what only the whole body knows. Earth’s tones live in this moment to



Smell and


with our eyes.

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