Blackening Seasoning*

I use this mix for a few different recipes that will eventually be linked here. The recipe is noted in a ratio-format so you can choose how much you would like to make. Typically I use 1 = 1 teaspoon, and it makes about 7 – 8 Tablespoons total seasoning. Because it includes a good amount of salt, you should use it more like salt v. a spice rub. I made that mistake a couple of times to the ruin of dinner. Leave out the salt if you want a rub.

  • 1 onion powder
  • 1 garlic powder
  • 2 oregano
  • 2 basil
  • 2 thyme
  • 1 black pepper
  • 1 white pepper
  • 3 cayenne pepper
  • 5 paprika
  • 5 kosher salt

*I did not write down the source of this recipe so forgive me Internet if this is from you.

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